Transcription and Transcribing

We provide high quality transcriptions of audio and video files. The source material can be anything from a telephone call, a corporate video, legal proceedings or main stream media footage.

What is transcription?

A transcription service will convert speech into a written or electronic text document.

We offer different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file.

Our Transcription services

Most common requests are:

  • Basic Same Language Transcription. Consists of transcribing the source text only.
  • Standard Translated Transcription. Consists of translating and transcribing in one step, only
  • the target language will be transcribed.
  • Source and Target Transcription. Consists both of the above.

We can also cater for the following transcription requests:

  • Verbatim
  • Technical
  • Revised Summary
  • Script Style
  • Multiple Speakers

No request is too unusual and we can work with a variety of file formats. Contact our team today for more information or a tailor made quote.

Call: +44(0)845 367 7000 from the UK | +1(800) 579 5010 from the US