Marketing and Media Translation Services

We can take care of all your translation needs – whether your core business is marketing, advertising, PR, events or branding.

Make sure your message is understood

Word-for-word translation is rarely the right answer in creative industries – it doesn’t preserve the subtleties, the wordplay or the jokes that bring copy to life. Localisation requires expert attention for success – what works well in one country or market can fall flat in others.

Our team of industry experts will work closely with you to ensure that your copy reads like it has been written in your target language; specifically for your target market. Our native linguists are all experienced in producing creative copy and understand exactly what tone of voice your campaign needs.

As a team we ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Why choose Capita TI for you marketing translations?

We can help you establish whether your brand works properly in your target markets with our international brand check service. We use our network of native brand checkers to answer in-depth questions about how ‘friendly’ and compatible your brand is to your target country’s culture and sensibilities.

All of our systems are extremely secure and work on a 128-bit SSL secure encryption (the same security level as online credit card payment facilities such as Mastercard or VISA). Our in-house IT security systems are also ISO 27001 accredited.

In addition to marketing translation services, we can also offer our expertise in: