Translation Technology

Capita Translation and Interpreting has ten years of experience in the language services industry, and has been keen to embrace innovative new technology along the way.

We have designed and produced a number of IT platforms that meet our customer’s specific requirements, from project management systems to self serve machine translation (MT) platforms, including our revolutionary SmartMATE technology.

Our commitment to investing, developing and creating new technologies for the language services sector is what drives us forward, and it is our customers that gain the benefits.

Confidentiality and data protection

At Capita Translation and Interpreting we take data protection very seriously. For language service providers, data protection is paid extra attention, because many projects rely on customers entrusting confidential information with us. Rest assured, with Capita Translation and Interpreting every effort is made to ensure data is protected at each stage of a project, and that the translation memories, glossaries and other forms of data are never shared.

To facilitate translation we will send the linguist an extract of relevant translation memory items.