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Website localisation

When our customers approach us about website translation we often recommend localisation as this will ensure images and themes will be engaging for the end users. For example, if a website is targeting both Russian and Jamaican customers then it is probably best to avoid a snowy theme on your January sale items page. Similarly, you would not target countries within the United Arab Emirates with a brochure featuring women in revealing clothing.

Colours can also cause all sorts of problems so using a particular colour in your logo or throughout the pages of your website translation or in a marketing brochure can be a major competitive disadvantage. White in Japan suggests mourning while Red in China is assumed an indication of success.

There is therefore a huge amount to consider when you first speak to your friendly translation company about translating into another language and this is where you need to be engaging with an experienced team of language experts. They can help work out the service that you actually require. Find out more about website translation and localisation here.

In addition to website localisation, we offer a number of dedicated localisation services to meet your language needs. Simply click on the tabs in the menu to find out more about:


  • Software localisation
  • Localisation for online gaming
  • iPhone app localisation

If you are interested in one of our localisation services, please contact enquiries@capita-ti.com

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