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Your website is one of the first ways new customers in the global market place will reach and evaluate you. A localised website can make or break a deal for a potential customer from abroad.

What is website localisation?

Localisation is not just about translating web copy – the process goes one step further, by altering as many features of the website as necessary to conform to the needs of the target audience’s culture and engagement with the internet.

A professional website localisation strategy calls for not only an accurate translation of all the content into the target language, but also the adjustment of certain elements of the site, such as time, date and currency formats, as well as reversal of page layouts for right-to-left reading for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Capita TI provides a professional and comprehensive website translation and localisation service for companies who want to showcase their website in any language. Whether your website is modest or multifaceted, Capita TI will work closely with your teams to deliver a website that adds value to your international marketing strategy. Capita TI will ensure that your website presence is consistent and fully optimised across your global operations, and that it is fit for purpose for any market in the world you choose.

Furthermore, we understand that as online trends develop and business strategies change, website localisation will need to remain as part of your long term thinking and investment requirements. Capita TI is set up to guide you through each part of this process and ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

How we will help you

Capita TI has the knowledge and experience for the strategy, growth and deployment of your multilingual website. We can work with you to ensure that the multi-language versions of your website are produced on-time, to budget, and are culturally accurate for your target markets.

To deliver a fully localised website to our customers we will:

  • Ensure localisation of all components  such as user interfaces, graphics, multimedia and supporting documentation
  • Use  Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools for consistency and cost savings
  • Introduce you to translation workflows and connector technology compatible with a range of common Content Management Systems
  • Implement industry approved, transparent Quality Assurance processes
  • Set up regular client review and approval points at key stages in the project timeline

Our proven track record

At Capita TI we have extensive experience in completing successful website localisation projects, and our case-studies represent just a small sample of our quality work.

Our current customers include:

Costs and time-scales

Capita TI takes into consideration all teams, tasks and timelines, and based on this can put together bespoke quotations on a client by client basis.

Website translation timelines and costs are based on:

  1. Subject matter
  2. Source and target languages required
  3. Number of words required for translation
  4. Graphic requirements
  5. Desktop publishing requirements for associated documentation
  6. Content Management System used (authoring and publishing platforms)
  7. Client review and approval needs

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