Our professional language interpreting services can help you and your organisation to communicate with non-English speakers across a wide range of situations. The interpreters we source are all highly experienced, qualified and fully vetted professionals and the accuracy and quality of their work is assured. Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) is one of the few language service providers in the UK to have their database of interpreters externally audited by a central government organisation.

We undertake a large amount of public sector interpreting for the Ministry of Justice, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the National Probation Service, local and central government organisations and the NHS, who all recognise the value of effective communication with their service users no matter what language they speak.

We provide a number of interpreting services including:

We can provide you with face-to-face interpreters for a range of situations:
Consecutive interpreting
The interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and relays an interpreted version to the audience. This is ideal for medical appointments, local authority tenant discussions and confidential hearings.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter will usually sit in a soundproof booth and interpret the source for relay to a large audience. This method is ideal for international conferences and meetings.

Capita TI provides over 70,000 minutes of interpreting every month in over 150 languages. Interpreters are available on demand, within 60 seconds, making it ideal for GP surgeries, hospitals, local and central government bodies and the police, where the need for interpreting can often arise with little notice.

Our experts are skilled in British Sign Language, Irish Sign Language and St Vincent’s.

We can provide you with:

  • A sign language interpreter
  • Lip speakers
  • Usher Syndrome or deaf-blind interpreters
  • Deaf relay or intermediary interpreters
  • Translation services
  • Transcription services – BSL or spoken English to video, CD, DVD

We offer a Grade 1 and Grade 2 braille service in easy-to-use A4 or US letter size formats.  Our high quality braille transcriptions are also available in multilingual braille for a wide variety of commonly used languages.

Our dedicated braille verifying team ensures the layout, page order and written text are checked as part of our quality assurance process.

The legal interpreters we provide are fully qualified and vetted to ensure their work achieves the highest level of accuracy. All our legal and court interpreters have valid, up to date DBS checks.

Our Framework Agreement with the Ministry of Justice for the provision of language services makes us one of the largest providers of public sector interpreting services in the UK.

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